Dealer & Distributor Website Toolkit

Your resource for refreshing your website with LLumar® brand standards

With our recently refreshed brand website, we wanted to provide you with the ability to easily implement the new and improved look and feel of LLumar on your own website. Below you will find a link to our brand standards, images that we own the copyright to and are approved for your use, and a few HTML page templates that you can use to update your website.

Brand Standards

Before you start implementing the new look of LLumar in your marketing materials and website, we recommend that you download and review our brand standards. It is important that you promote the LLumar brand accurately. In the document you will find helpful information on our brand colors, fonts and typography as well as the do’s and don’ts of using the LLumar logo, imagery and voice.

Download Brand Standards PDF


We have compiled a folder of all of the images that we own the copyright to and are approved for you to use. You may only use these images or images that you own on your website. Please do not take other images off our website as they may be stock images that only Eastman Chemical Company has the rights to.

I, “Licensee” understand that I can only use these images in association with and/or in promotion of LLumar window film. I will not use these images for any other reason. Eastman is willing to grant to Licensee a limited, revocable, nonexclusive, nontransferable license under copyright to use high quality versions of the Images represented on the attachment hereto (“Images”) under the following terms and conditions: Licensee may not alter, distort, manipulate or substantially alter any Images without Eastman’s express permission. Eastman may terminate the limited license at any time if, in its sole determination and discretion: a). Licensee has failed to abide by any of the terms and conditions set forth herein, and/or b). Licensee’s status as a LLumar® distributor or dealer is terminated or has otherwise changed and/or c). Licensee takes any action inconsistent with continuing to promote genuine LLumar® window film products. Upon termination of this limited license for any reason, Licensee shall immediately discontinue all use of the Images. Licensee agrees to indemnify Eastman against any and all claims or liabilities asserted against Eastman in connection with Licensee’s breach of any of the terms of this agreement.

Interactive Tools

Give prospective customers more confidence in their window film purchase decision by showing them the film's benefits using the LLumar® interactive tools on your website. The tools are optimized for use on mobile and tablet devices. The PDF includes access to our automotive window tint viewer, film viewer for commercial buildings, film viewer for homes, and our automotive paint protection viewer. Adding these tools to your site may require the help of a web developer if you are unfamiliar with website development.

Download Interactive Tools PDF


We have pulled the HTML for some of our main pages and compiled them into template pages for you to use. Working with a developer, you can implement these templates onto your website to incorporate the new look of the LLumar brand on your site.

Download HTML Templates

Webmaster Checklist

If you're working with a webmaster to build and maintain your website, make sure that they are following our Webmaster Checklist. This will help increase the likelihood that you have a healthy website that is recognized by search engines.

Download Checklist

Promotional Videos

Download our consumer friendly promotional videos that we have created to help educate consumers on the benefits of window film.

Download Promotional Videos